Reliably Delivering High-quality Roofing Solutions

RS Roofing is experienced in a variety of roofing applications, as well as gutters, soffit, fascia, and siding. From custom roofing projects to simple coverings, we provide high-quality, lasting work that is correctly and professionally installed to warranty.


Flat Roof Tie-ins

RS Roofing is highly experienced in completing flat roof tie-ins.  Whether your home has steep pitches, flat sections, or multiple pitches, we can handle your needs with the style you'll love.   


Custom Metal Siding

RS Roofing installed this custom metal siding and the architectural shingle roof at the Salt Lake Athletic Complex


Sequential Shingles

Here in our four-season state (Utah), architectural shingles are common but are often mistaken as long lasting. RS Roofing prides ourselves in always being honest with clients while striving to meet clients' needs. Let our roofing experts help you find the type of shingles that works best for you home, both for style and performance. 


Gutters and Downspouts

In addition to the custom metal siding and shingle roof, RS Roofing provided the gutters and downspouts on the Salt Lake Athletic Complex.


Other Structures

RS Roofing takes pride in every project. We ensure your home, garage, barn, business, and multi-use structures receive the highest quality workmanship and attention. RS Roofing is the honest choice. 


Snow Guards

RS Roofing installed a double railing snow guard system on the four entrances of the GoEngineer building. We secured each bracket with 3.5" bolts/waster/BP300butyl/GEOCEL2300 for maximum waterproofing and longevity.